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@Link: Ahaha. I crossplayed all the time. To the point where my mother would ask "Are you a girl this time?" I think she's pleased I'm trying some more 'girly' cosplays, but I hate to see what will happen when I go back to males. xD

@Magic: Ah well, I should have my entire inner group at AX and maybe one or two of us at CC~ We'll see. Depends on how many tickets I get. ;]

@Ayaasan: I was told to watch Game of Thrones but I can't find it anywhere online for free. >I And I don't have Netflix or anything.

I totally want to do something from Lord of the Rings. D: But no one else seems to want to. And now my friend wants to be all of the 'background' girls from the Marvel movies. Not so sure about those Ironettes. >_>
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