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Passing time in the hotel? Well first off I take advantage of what the hotel has to offer. Well, if they offer it. I had one hotel room that claimed free wifi but we never got a signal and neither did anyone else on our floor. But mostly it's eat, bathe, sleep, and change. Though their is some goofing around with friends and the occasional room party (someone elses room). Boring and mundane I know, but if I paid for a convention I better enjoy it.

BTW if you have a room on a floor with a lot of off shooting hallways the greatest way to annoy everyone on your floor is to play ghost in the grave yard. No matter how quiet you may be the padder of feet, and supressed screams/giggles will wake people up.

I don't see how poeple can have roomates at a con and then go and do the nasty in that room. Most rooms I've stayed at were just simply to busy for any of that to happen.
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