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Originally Posted by rosie44442003 View Post
Ok I had a great time BUT:
(cut bit about reg)
- I lined up 4 hours early to get good seats for the masqerade when I wanted to watch the 404 show right after the masqerade we were told to leave. That is incredibly unfair how am I supposed to get into the line for the 404 when I'm in the masqerade? They are basically saying if you wish to see the 404 show you must miss the masqerade. A ton of people left after the masqerade there were plenty of seats available I don't see why I should have to give up my hard won seats.
- they should not have booked the skits and nominochi together.
To give a non-official but staff-viewpointed answer to these two points:

First one - trust me, if having to leave and re-enter an event seems unfair, imagine being unable to attend a new event because people camped out in their chairs for the previous event. Imagine you were waiting for two hours to see the 404s, and then told "sorry, you can't go in because nobody left the AMV contest" or something. Basically, we're trying to make sure as many people get to see as many "main" events as we can and to prevent "camping" in previous events, because nothing sucks more than an audience who doesn't want to be there for event X, but it stuck waiting there for event Y. This sorta goes with point 2...

...the reason we book major events against one another is because no one major event can hold a reasonable percentage of the con. In the old days, when the masq was on, 90% of the con would shut down, because the main room fit 50% of the con, and the other 50% went to dinner/party or to the "I don't like the masq" panel (no really there was one, who knows, maybe there still is one).To give you a rough idea of the scale of it, our main room holds less than 10% of the day population of the convention now - it's actually closer to 7%. Saying "no other main event can run against the masq/skit etc." means that 90% of the con can't enjoy a "major" event at the same time. Our goal is to keep the general con base happy - it's why there was an attendance cap, because we wanted to make sure we could offer folks stuff to do at the con. It's rough that people have to choose one or the other, but it's fairer than only a few people getting one, and everyone else gets nothing.

Hopefully that answers the reason why cons do that sort of thing.
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