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Quadrain's Domain has posted photos from Animazement 2012.

Here is a direct link to the Animazement 2012 Gallery

There were 2 photographers out & about this weekend, so photos are not in chronological order

General con photography (cosplayers, panels, etc) is on pages 1-13 and 34-38.

The masquerade (including THE☆JACABALíS) is on pages 13-34 and 38-49.

The photogs have two distinct styles and it is especially evident during the masquerade. We purposefully shoot with one camera on "bright, but slow" settings and the other on "motion capture" settings (it's easier than both of us fumbling with settings during each skit) So, if your skit had some moving & shaking (Here's looking at you, Baccano! ) the later group of masquerade photos will probably have your favorite shots!

Thanks to everyone for the opportunity to photograph so many amazing costumes and meet so many kind people!

Miss Q~
I hope to see you at:

Nashicon - Columbia, SC
Animazement - Raleigh, NC
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