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This was my first time at Animazement - me and 2 others drove 7 hours one way to attend. I do have several comments.

- There was too little space in Artist Alley between the tables and the wall/photo booth room. It made it very hard to get by.

-I LOVED the "YES" and "NO" signs to help direct traffic. I've never seen a convention do that before and I think it was very nice to help the flow of traffic continue fairly smooth.

- One cosplay panel was very misleading. I thought I was going into a panel on more advanced tips and techniques, and me and other people were let down when we saw it was just on basic techniques that could have been researched very easily online (and the head panelist said so herself!). She wasn't terrible, and she did seem to like what she did, but it didn't live up to many people's expectations. When I left the panel, I had a lady come out and approach ME because my comments during the panel impressed her more than the panelist.

I'm leaving out the name of the panel here for civility's sake, but if anyone on programming wishes to know I will be happy to let them know. My point is, I feel panelists should provide a clear intent and outline of their panels to avoid this situation.

- I didn't like that the con feedback panel was at 10 AM. I was commuting to the convention, and having been up late due to the rave, I wasn't able to attend to inform staff of my comments in person. Most conventions have their feedback panels later in the day Sunday, which would be nice.

- I feel the pricing scale for badges should be re-evaulated. While I enjoyed the con, I feel $60 for a weekend is a bit high given the size of the show and what it offered in comparison to what shows like Otakon offered when they were $60.

Overall I did have fun. I mostly came down to hang out with a friend from Raleigh. I would be open to coming back again because I feel the convention has a lot of potential, but I'm not sure if I would pay $60 since this year there was little that held interest for me on Friday.
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