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Trash cans! Wow, what a NICE addition! But the one near the lights of the DoubleTree that the city was responsible for should have been bigger. It's not the province of anyone else but for the municipal pickup, but they should have expected the growing demand for a refuse bin instead of having a pile of litter nearby.

Thursday Pre-Reg ticket pickup -- what? It was a complete waste of my day and an extra hotel night.

Dealer's Room - being a cosplayer and having been asked photos in the DR, I don't think that it's a bad notion to ban camera use in this area. It does slow traffic up, and I was not considerate enough to say, "No" to people because of everyone else around me. It hadn't occurred to me, but then still - I wouldn't want to be rude to the kind person before me that just wanted a photo. In any case, some areas were cramped, but it did feel Roomier than previous years!

MODEL CONTEST - Yes, so no one cares. I know that I'm one of the 10 people that compete in it... but you know, having it in the program schedule would maybe make this number 15 or 20 contestants? Just perhaps the people in charge of the program would be kind enough to put a NOTE into the booklet instead of just a little square on the map that said TOY DISPLAY.

FF7 panel. Maybe it shouldn't have been in that room - in that hall. The line was wrapped twice around or something and snaked here-and-there. I was asked to move out of the way, but what could I do? Meld into the wall?

Myself, I was impressed with convention staff. Polite and approachable people, they were. Even Mister Sweaty Tall Man seemed to be calmer this year.

Be careful at the rave. I'm easy going and not a perfect person myself, but there are many dubious non-conventioneers going to this RAVE at night. And you know what? There was a guy who was offering us a whole spectrum of narcotics for our enjoyment and his financial benefit. I don't know what to suggest about this, really. I don't want police there, but I wanted a heads-up on what kind of people the rave brought this year.
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