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Originally Posted by Amaterasu View Post
Be careful at the rave. I'm easy going and not a perfect person myself, but there are many dubious non-conventioneers going to this RAVE at night. And you know what? There was a guy who was offering us a whole spectrum of narcotics for our enjoyment and his financial benefit. I don't know what to suggest about this, really. I don't want police there, but I wanted a heads-up on what kind of people the rave brought this year.
Seriously? WTF. Must have been the outside rave because there were police in the indoor dances o.o They were quite on top of things. My friends and I immediately went to the bathroom when we entered and we were followed in :/ So I'm surprised someone like this didn't get caught immediately :/ UGH.

Yeah the pre-reg was a little ridiculous. I could deal with waiting 2 hours but capping the pre-reg? Seriously? You force everyone to pre-reg with an attendance cap but don't let them get their tickets? Huge waste of a hotel and damn expensive. I'd have been furious if it happened to me thursday.
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