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Originally Posted by Miliyah View Post
trash cans! finally!
srsly, did no one comment on that yet? o__o;;
Originally Posted by Amaterasu View Post
Trash cans! Wow, what a NICE addition! But the one near the lights of the DoubleTree that the city was responsible for should have been bigger. It's not the province of anyone else but for the municipal pickup, but they should have expected the growing demand for a refuse bin instead of having a pile of litter nearby
Yay trash cans! More importantly YAY RECYCLE BINS! I actually had a place to put my waterbottle!

Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
- The rave stage setup in the TCC parking lot was not in an optimal place, in my opinion. My reasoning for saying so is because when people gathered around it for dancing/flashmobs, it would block the flow of traffic and become very obtrusive for people who wanted to walk back and forth to get to the entrances of the con.

- The garbage cans. THEY WERE WONDERFUL AND GREAT. It was so much better that I could enjoy my con without the panging guilt of having littered.
Yes that stage.... Friday the bass almost blew out my eardrums - while waiting in line... you couldn't really avoid it. Saturday you had to walk around the mob. And Sunday there were just some people sitting on the stage teasing/criticizing/shouting random stuff from the megaphone.... I mean come on.... They didn't think yellow Yoshi existed...

Originally Posted by Otaking97 View Post
The lineup to but the day pass went super fast! The dealers room had some decent bargains. The heat wasn't too bad. My cosplay turned out ok. Saw lots of great cosplayers......huh. Nope. Nothing bad this year.
I will admit I did see some bargains as well. For a while I was trying to collect the Inuyasha series but I refuse to pay like $112 for a season. I found all the seasons (that I could find which were 1, 2, and 3) for under $50 each. That's a deal for me.
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