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Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
- The rave stage setup in the TCC parking lot was not in an optimal place, in my opinion. My reasoning for saying so is because when people gathered around it for dancing/flashmobs, it would block the flow of traffic and become very obtrusive for people who wanted to walk back and forth to get to the entrances of the con.

- I am strongly in favor of implementing a "no cosplay photography in the dealer's room" rule (unless a dealer asks). It is a massive traffic block and this year was really huge, so it became an issue from what I saw. I got asked a lot for photos when I was walking around as Tifa, and I felt pretty guilty turning people down for photos because I didn't want to become a bother. People were understanding about it but I felt bad nonetheless. I think the needs of the many should be taken into consideration, and being able to walk around the DR expediently benefits everyone.
Agreed. The rave should have been moved to the other side of the entrance or moved into the parking lot that they had blocked off. It really impeded the flow of traffic. As did that ice cream truck.

Yeah dealers room stuff. I'm going to bring this up for next year. I'm sure a rule wouldn't outright stop it (we only have so many people wandering around) - but with enough discouragement hopefully it won't be so common. Especially with so many people at the convention, things are just more crowded.

Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
- My Thursday night was fairly straightforward because I had a group reg, which had a shorter line. But I felt for the people who were waiting around and getting frustrated! :/ Hopefully, the con will now know to put in more tables and people for Thursday night pickup. From my experiences, Weapons Check was not very expedient either.
Weapons check is a slow process. I stood in the line with a friend. I could have skipped to the head of the line, but then I would have found other things to worry over, and i'd feel like a douche doing it (nothing was critical on thursday night since the person i wanted to talk to was MIA and my signs couldn't be found). I don't mind lines as long as there are cool people to talk with. I even have a special card game for people when there's a really long line thats slow moving.

The line at PAX is like 3 hours long, if you get there early. Lots of magic/random card games ensued.

There is only a few people that can do weapons check - i'm sure they would be open to having more people join them to help out with it.

Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
- The garbage cans. THEY WERE WONDERFUL AND GREAT. It was so much better that I could enjoy my con without the panging guilt of having littered.
The TCC finally got it right this time. I even saw people going around and sweeping up during the con. No piles of trash all day Sunday!

One thing for next year, I'd like the TCC to block off that route into the TCC that cars sometimes sneak into. Fire trucks can get in from the main entrance so blocking off the one from the harvey's/subway parking lot would help stop random people from using that strip road.

Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
- This is a more abstract thing, but I'm really impressed by the fact that even with the event so big this year, the con staff and co-ordinators did such a great job of keeping the overall environment so accepting and positive. I feel a sense of safety and respect that I don't at most other conventions I attend and it makes AN stand out.

- The attendance cap was a good idea. It was great to see the area so well-populated, but I think having many more people in that area than there were this year would make AN a bit too claustrophobic.
Yay, and agreed. If we get a downpour all those people will need to go somewhere!

Everyone seemed happy this year. I polled a bunch of people sunday and got very few complaints - and those I did get were all about stuff AN couldn't change (shitty friends, ATM machines, TCC smoking areas, weather etc). Plus the photoshoots seemed bigger and better this year! Yay back of the pocket book!
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