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"no cosplay photography in the dealer's room" would be impossible to enforce. But as cosplayer I just choice to avoid the dealers room on Saturday out of a fear of getting photo mobbed and over crowding in general.

Originally Posted by KuroiAisu View Post
Yeah the pre-reg was a little ridiculous. I could deal with waiting 2 hours but capping the pre-reg? Seriously? You force everyone to pre-reg with an attendance cap but don't let them get their tickets? Huge waste of a hotel and damn expensive. I'd have been furious if it happened to me thursday.
Yes the pre-reg they had closed on Thursday but opened it back up.

Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
- My Thursday night was fairly straightforward because I had a group reg, which had a shorter line. But I felt for the people who were waiting around and getting frustrated! :/ Hopefully, the con will now know to put in more tables and people for Thursday night pickup. From my experiences, Weapons Check was not very expedient either.
I was very happy to do Weapons Check on Thursday as the line for it on Friday was always much much longer wait.

I’m much rather do it on Thursday when I have nothing better to do.

The panel crowd control volunteers were new and great to have on hand for the upper level of the DT. I was part of 4 panels in that area and it was fairly easy for me to get in to the rooms without trying to weave my way through.

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