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-The restaurant/room service staff at the Radission was great. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and cheerful. Same with the server we had at the Doubletree restaurant on Saturday night. And the server we had at Swiss Chalet on Friday afternoon (mind you this was when the restaurant was still empty and the rush hadn't arrived yet). And the one at Kelseys on Sunday afternoon (hey, I figure give credit where it's due).

-Seeing so many recycling bins out around the TCC was nice for a change. Not nearly as much garbage lying around.

-Not having as many people screaming directions/orders at all of the attendees. I hardly noticed any, and people seemed to be more relaxed because of it.

-Having the hot dog vendor set up right outside of the TCC loading docks was a good idea. That way people could still grab something to eat without having to wait to get inside.

-Having space in the Dealer's Room for people to step aside and relax for a few minutes.

-Having the few people that did recognize my Suikoden cosplay say they loved it/first one they had ever seen/etc.

-Yeah, I'm agreeing with the whole pre-registration thing. My Dad and I drove down to the Doubletree on Thursday night at about 7:30 and the line was capped when we arrived. They said we could just hang around in the lobby area by the pool to see if it would reopen (not in a line mind you, just a mob of people). Seeing as how I wasn't about to hang around for two hours (I was still finishing costume stuff) we left and drove the 40 mins back home. Yay.

Friday wasn't much better. Joined the massive line around 4:45 and got our badges about 7:30. It was insane. At least the Weapon's Check line only took about 5 mins to get through afterwards though.

They really need to look into a better way of distributing the passes since it's likely going to be pre-reg only for weekend/Saturday passes (I saw that the line was huge for those as well) from now on. Either mailing them out, or having numerous pick-up days/times before the convention.

-The Radission. We first tried checking in at about 1:30 on Friday (we had a Business Class room booked with early check-in if available). Were told that they didn't have a business room ready and to come back at 3. Okay, that was fine, so we went for lunch and came back just after 3. The line for check-in was insane. It wasn't 'that' long (maybe only 5-6 groups in front of us) but it took forever to check them in. Once we actually got up to the front desk we were told they didn't have any business rooms left. Now, I had only booked the business room because that's what was left, but aren't you supposed to get the room you booked (excluding special requests and whatnot)? So, we were downgraded to a regular room. I guess they had over-booked/upgraded too many other rooms, but it does make me wonder what they would have done if we had showed up late (the room was guaranteed for such on my credit card) and they didn't have 'any' rooms left.

-Having a few cars trying to drive through the crowds/photoshoot locations probably wasn't the safest thing in the world.

-Sweating more in the 4 hours I was wearing Chris then I have combined in my entire life. And not being able to really sit while dressed as her. Or bend down.
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