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-Security....... I felt that the security had no clue what the con allowed. I know a few people who were told they aren't allowed to be shirtless yet a few minutes later a few other guys are allowed in shirtless. I know this really made some people unhappy since it was part of their cosplay to be shirtless. They were pretty much trying to piece-tie any and everything people where holding in their hands. I saw them trying to get photographer's light stands to a girls plushie. I can honestly say those both are a first. I also had problems with them telling me I can't set up my light stand in places because it was "In the way", or "Blocking the flow of people". I never realized that corners had so much flow going to them. Must be pretty hip thing now at cons? I was only irritated by this as later in the day I would see other photographers posted in those spots and not being told to move.

-Organization of all the entry and exit points. It was very handy to have a flow of direction near all badge check points. Though I got there on Friday and didn't have to worry about the line, I felt they could have better organized the lines on Saturday.

-The sound system. I've never heard them use it for anything but I did notice in panels is lowered their volumes down everything it came on. Kinda ruins stuff when you are watching it on the screen and the volume drops low to the point you can't hear it.

-I just didn't see the price justified this weekend. If I could just have bought a Saturday badge, I would have. Compared to other cons in the price range, I would consider dropping this one off the list for one of those.

-Some panels descriptions and titles were off on some of them. I think things should be described a bit better. As well as the timing for the Feedback. I was too busy packing and getting things ready for check out time.

-The Blackout was inconvenient since I literally was about 20 seconds from being stuck on an elevator but that was more outside the control of the con.

Overall for my first AZ, I was impress and the new location was really nice. The con lived up to the hype or gossip people told me about. I am looking forward to possibly coming next year.

Message me for Photoshoot scheduling and information for any con I am attending.
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