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Originally Posted by SuperBee View Post
DireKitty - I don't know if it's important or not but Saturday during the FF photoshoot (forgot the number of the location but it was by the parking lot by the trees. We had to move further down due to the massive size of cosplayers and photographers (one photographer said that where the sun was at didn't provide sufficient light anyway) so we moved slightly over to the hill on that side by the tower. I don't know if that location should be used for massive cosplay photoshoots.
I just asked for numbers for those shoots. Seems some volunteers missed the huge group. Hell some missed Hetalia and Homestuck.... :/

Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
^I was surprised by people choosing NOT to use the larger TCC3 front lawn for the photoshoot as that area was left empty this for half the time that day.

It was up to the photoshoot organizer to pick a location and time. Admitted Homestuck took that location on Friday for a good reason but 5pm and 7pm was open in stead of making it for 6pm on Friday at the TCC2.
TCC 3 grows and shrinks (and gets hidden) depending on the ice cream trucks. Its not an ideal location for a big shoot because it's not terribly reliable. If it was moved down more it would be more reliable. There did appear to be less trucks this year as well. It's a love/hate spot as the sun can make photos turn out shitty there. TCC 4, TCC 7 and TCC 1 are the only spots with good tree coverage. TCC 7 lost about 50% of its space due to TCC making those big uh, thingys.
I'm going to post a thread in a bit and try and get spot suggestions for next year.

Where Hetalia moved to on Sunday may work.
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