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I had a pretty laid back AN this year - mostly due to scrapping my Masquerade costume on Wednesday. It was great to see everyone and a huge shout out to everyone who popped by Con-G's table

The lines were pretty bad this year but from my understanding it's a company that does the pre-reg so they couldn't stay later than 9 pm on Friday night to sign people in. Next year I'm sure they'll be on top of that

A little disappointed with not being able to get into a few of the events we wanted to go see because there were lines like 2 hr ahead of some of the events. Meh need to plan my schedule better next year haha.

I had fun as a stand in stage ninja for the ReBoot skit on Friday night - you guys rocked! And of course hotel fun :P and of course running around as a Raptor was the highlight of the weekend - sorry to anyone I surprises by popping out at them! (Although I have a huge bruise on my neck from my rigging when someone close-lined me with a hug >.<)

I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with some of the con attendees this year. I've been trying to get my fiance to come to AN FOR YEARS!! and this year he decided to just come up and meet me for dinner and check out some of the costumes and get an idea if he'd like to come back next year. We get back to his car after a very positive experience at AN only to find 3 people SITTING ON HIS CAR!! And giving us a hard time after we confronted them about sitting on the car.

To the Loki cosplayer and her group - thanks for making this AN my fiance first and last one.
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