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The weapons check line on Friday was not as efficient this year as it has been in previous years. When I went, there were only three people checking props and weapons when it was at least double that last year. A couple more people doing the checking would have been better.

In previous years they had also had the programs bagged already when you registered instead of having a long assembly line to pass through to get your bag and your schedule. Someone at the line passed me a bag that wasn't opened when I was carrying a large prop (this was just before getting in line for weapons check). I understand that this assembly process may help things move faster since it is separate from the registration desk, but I started to hold up the line because I couldn't open my bag to carry my schedule. A very friendly staff member came up to me and helped me open the bag. Having the schedule pre-bagged or making sure the bags were open would have been better, but overall this isn't a huge complaint.

Clearing the room after the Masquerade for the 404s show was understandable but badly managed. In previous years, people were allowed to stay in the room after the masquerade in order to watch the 404s so we expected that this year would be the same. Having the people at the masquerade desk mention this when getting the wristbands for the masquerade would have been a nice heads up.
Also, instead of completely clearing the room, what they could have done was had everyone who was at the masquerade move to the back of the room temporarily while the line for the 404s filed in. This way it wouldn't be so clustered getting out the door and getting through the hall to get into the back of the 404s line. After the 404s line filed in, people from the masquerade could get the remaining seats. Moving people back and forth was time-consuming and unnecessary.
I don't know if it was the line for the 404s or not (I suspect it was since there was a lot of shouting of "IMPROV"), but whoever was outside the masquerade was very noisy and distracting. They should have the doors closed or have people reminding those outside to be courteous of the show going on in the next room.

If the masquerade and 404s show is scheduled like this next year (with having to clear the room to get in the 404s line), then what is going to happen is that people will go to the masquerade and leave partway through to get in the 404s line. This will be disrupting for the performers and the audience. Whoever is in charge of the scheduling, the masquerade, or the 404s performance should keep this in mind when organizing these events next year. It is unfair for those participating in the masquerade to have a chunk of the audience leave.

Things that were fantastic:
-garbage cans/recycling bins
-the staff and volunteers (they seemed very friendly and helpful this year)
-the costumes! I was especially impressed by the Novice costumes in the masquerade. They were amazing.
-the artists in the Artists Alley (I got to talk to a few this year and they were awesome)
-the con in general (I always have a great time and this was no exception. There are always nit-picky things that I think could be done better, but I do love this con and it's always a lot of fun).
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