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Reserved for pose ideas

- Everyone
- Heroes vs Villains (everyone)
- Dissidia
- Family groups
- Pairings (fanon or canon)
- Fight scenes
- Specific FF (aka by game)
- Older FF (if we have more than 2-3 characters from ff6 and less, we will split by specific game after the group pose)
- Reenacting scenes
- Heroes
- Villains
- Mages
- Mascots/Monsters
- Kids
- Side characters

Specific requests:
- Ultimecia VS Squall
- Seifer and Squall face off (intro like)
- Everyone vs. Tonberry (Tonberry is far away), ready to fight!
- Tonberry is moved closer, people start to look worried...
- Tonberry is right in front of group, everyone is scared!
- Everyone is dead, Tonberry conquers all! XD
- 1-on-1 shots of Tonberry killing people. DOINK! XD

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