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Originally Posted by Viveeh View Post
I'm talking about this:

The older picture right here, for instance, is from a different gallery. We used to be able to go through all the photos in a gallery with this.
But if you go to the gallery of the character you can sort the newest and oldest image by simply choosing that option (a menu appears where it says "Sort: Most Views | Most Comments | Last Comment | Newest Image | Oldest Image"). This way it sorts the newest/oldest photo only from the costume you want to.

Originally Posted by Viveeh View Post
Nope, I use Paint to crop my photos, too. You just have to make it a bit smaller first, then use the cut tool to carefully make it 200x200 pixels. You can see the measurements in the bottom thingy.

(Ya veo que eres de España también, hola. XD)
Hola xD. Ya me habia dado cuenta que cambiaste de pais ojojojo.

It's easier using other edition programs where you just introduce the numbers. In my case I'm so clumsy I'm unable to crop an image exactly 200x200 with paint xD.
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