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Originally Posted by Chize0 View Post
Furie~ Thank you so much for your advice before on my Ariel costume! I'm working on making the shirt with the bishop's sleeve this weekend. Do you recommend any particular patterns for this top that you've used in the past? If not, i always enjoy learning new things : ]
For her top I just bought a base simple cheap white long sleeved top a couple of sizes bigger than I usually take, took the sleeves out and made my own. I used the cuffs of the original sleeves onto my new sleeves.

COSPLAY PICCIES FROM EXPO!! Our Disney group was HUUUUGE on the Saturday and I forgot to get the camera off mom for the Sunday group haha. I'm particularly fond of my Vidia photos and one particular Kida photo:
IN PROGRESS: Ariel sail rags or possibly seafoam dress (for MNSSHP), and Femme Dean Winchester (Winter LFCC)
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