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How are pictures ordered on the costume pages? And is there any way to set which images are displayed first?
They seem to be listed fairly randomly, but I don't know.

I ask because there are a few costumes where I've put up a number of pictures-- a lot of progress pictures and then, later, finished pictures-- but the costume pages don't show any of the finished pictures, just the in-progress pictures I put up much earlier; some over a year ago. Which isn't very useful to people viewing the costume.
For example, this costume is one I've finished, and have pictures up of, but all of the pictures displayed are from when parts of it were still being built (and a few from an event I attended). None of the pictures displayed are of the finished costume, which would be much better to have displayed instead.

So I was just wondering about this. It sure would be nice to be able to display chosen images first, or at least have the most recent images displayed first. There's not even a way to see the rest of the images on the costume page...

Something should really be done about this. The costume profiles are kind of useless when you can't even display an image of the finished costume...

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