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I have a suggestion/concern/comment similar to what Blue Leader posted.

It's basically this:
When I upload photos they may end up anywhere on my costume page (in the photos section of course, but still not in any consistent order), and that's a bit of a pet peeve of mine because I'd like for them to be in order of when I uploaded them. From the oldest being on the left, to the newest being on the right. Kind of like reading a book.

That being said I see that Blue Leader would like for his images to be so that the most recent are at the beginning? (opposite of my preference I suppose)

I read that there will be an option to rearrange costumes however you want? Will there ever be something like this for photos? I would greatly appreciate it. Because I never know what the placement of the photos will be when I upload them anymore. Sometimes they show up at the top/beginning and sometimes they show up at the bottom/end.

Call me crazy but I'm kind of picky about how my photos show up on my costume pages. /:>
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