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Anime North 2012 Photos

This is still a work in progress, but so far, I've posted everything in the "Official Anime North Facebook Group" photo album area. (I've been trying to add a few more photos every day when I have the time.)

For those of you that are my FB friends, I also have a personal album for you to search thru rather than have to find my album in the group page.

I will eventually be uploading ALL of the pictures in my album in higher resolution to my personal Flickr account (The website page is listed in my profile info.) so you can check there if you're interested in seeing a larger sized version. (Or just email me at: if you want a copy of it.)

Currently I have it set my Flickr account to disable downloads (because of some instances of people claiming my photos as their own.) but I might disable that for a short period of time for this. But I won't be uploading them to there for another month or so. Sorry, family priorities and work come first. :-)


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