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Need help on costume

I have decided to make my armor out of cardboard, duct tape, craft foam, and spray paint (cheapest way i believe possible) if anyone has any advice on what other inexpensive materials to use , please do so. I need help possibly making a new helmet for my costume, and possiblly pretty much every piece. Cause ive tried to look up online to get information on how to make my things or even ideas... no luck.

thats who im going as, or trying to atleast haha

I need advice and or help on how to construct the following pieces
-shoulders *i have no idea how to make them stay put, or what to anchor them too*
-arm guards *gonna buy long brown gloves and hotglue the pieces i make on to it*
-the waist *prolly gonna use velcro to attach it, not sure if i should make it out of cardboard or not*
-shin guards
-face guard *same thing below*
-helmet *i already have it constructed to were it looks decent, but the duct tape is starting to lift up in certain areas and not sure how to smooth it out with out making it thicker/heavier/bigger then what it is already*
-pretty much everything that isnt pertaining to the katanas, banner/ flag thing or the actual cloth....cause i have that covered.

Now i know your not suppose to post pictures in here, but ill have a link to a picture of me with my mask

Uploaded with

Thanks for reading, and also thanks (if you help) for helping!
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