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I have to send my sewing machine to be realigned. (killed it the Friday of Anime North. :S)
But the only thing I was going to make before the watching the movie was the cape anyways.

Here is the production art that is slowly getting released.

This is the one we saw earlier being done.
And on the Disney World costume.

I love that wig. lol

I'm also making a Wisp for my costume as well.

This is the Arda wig.

It's not as full as the Mona Lisa Lioness wig you can get it in Light Auburn (not show in listing but they have a colour chart page you can request from). 4.m1438.l2649
Here's the colour chart. 4.m1438.l2649

I'm thinking of getting the Glinda and blending it into the new Arda wig as I really like the Pumpkin shade for Merida but want more poof at the roots and hairline.

Ah if I was 10 I fit the size of the official bows.

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