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Originally Posted by SuperBee View Post
On behalf of my brother, he will probably return as Auron. I however will not because I don't have the best figure to do well... any FF characters....... *sigh* some people are so mean!
Awww, but you were such a PRETTY Dark Mage Yuna! I loved your cosplay so much! Don't bother with what those jerks say, some people are just jealous if you ask me and shall return to kindergarden because they obviously never learnt what been respectful means... As MDA said, you should cosplay what you like, not according to what those stupid *cough* people may say, because your Yuna was, once again, AWESOME! Gotta love rarely done dresspheres! Not trying to influence you'd make a great white mage or trainer Yuna, you have a good face for her :O

...and whoot 6 to 10! Look at the list if you don't get it xD

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