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Hieeee, ladies!! Oh, how I have missed you all! ^.^ School has kept me from you for so long, but now I'm back in action with my Disney cosplays! Well, technically, I'm currently working on a Non-Disney costume:

Thumbelina! (Sorry for the filthy mirror and poor image quality!) It is coming along quite nicely, though I still have to do the "hard parts" like hemming the skirt (by hand!) and adding the closure to the back of the waist-cincher. Whee! I started to work on the blouse today but I've run into a few snags. I'm using a 2-way stretch knit fabric (Weird fabric choice, I know, but I like the drape and texture and it was already in my stash) and I can't sew it! I have been able to fudge my way through sewing stretchy fabrics before without doing anything "special", but this stuff just isn't cooperating! Does anyone have any tips? It's no big deal if I have to get different fabric, I just wanted to use up what I already have.
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