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Yeah, I know, it's later than I said it'd be, but I was in too much pain from my sunburns and too busy resting to really get online yesterday.

Who did you cosplay as?: Equius Zahhak on Saturday and Sunday

How many days did you attend for?: All three days, Friday at around 3:30pm to Sunday at around 4:30pm

Most memorable event/moment: The Homestuck events, getting my photo with Yu Asakawa and Monica Rial

Most unexpected event/moment: n/a

Most awkward event/moment: n/a

How much money did you spend?: Just over $160

Best cosplay you saw: There's no way I can decide!

How many pictures did you take?: 365

Least favourite event/moment: Waiting in the pre-reg line, finding out Caramelldansen is not yet dead

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: From Thorold

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: Let's face it, who's ever happy to witness the end of each year's Anime North? I wish it could happen 365, 24/7. In fact, I was incredibly sad upon leaving it all behind at the end this year.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: Chocolate ice cream, blueberry slush, peanut butter sandwiches, Honey Nut Cheerios, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, pizza, chicken dango, energy drinks, Pocky, apples, bananas, tako chips, Faygo, Gushers, pomegranate blueberry V8 Fusion, boiled eggs, ketchup chips

What did you buy?: Angel Kirby plushie, Wave Race Blue Storm, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, classic Pokemon toys and cards, Oboro Bishamon figurine, Zombie Survival Can energy drink, Happy Bunny Spaz Juice energy drink, Scout headset, pizza, chicken dango, Pocky, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, batteries

Things you won't miss: Aching feet and legs, blistering heat, 4chan posers, my mother complaining about having to be there, waiting such an ass-numbingly long time to get into the Congress Centre on Friday, getting chicken dango sauce all over the inside of one of my bags, the disgustingly obnoxious bass at the dance on Friday {luckily I didn't end up a bit deafer again this year}, the overall lack of merchandise variety and ridiculous prices on many things, getting sunburned, having to leave an hour earlier than I wanted to

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: Took a well-earned rest

Any additional stuff you wanna say?: This year was almost not the best I've had, but the Homestuck events and autograph sessions changed that, so altogether, it was about equal to last year, which is still really damn good.
My next conventions and events:
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Next Cosplays:

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L - ConBravo 2017
Totakeke - Fan Expo 2017
Sans - 2017
Mr. Mayor (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) - 2017
Bartholomew Kuma - AN 2018
James (Pokemon) - 2018
Big Macintosh - 2018
Equius Zahhak - Trickster - 2018
*Sable Able - 2018
Dick Gumshoe - 2018
*Penelope (Sly 3)
*Clawdia (Fighting Foodons)

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