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@SuperBee: Oh goodess!! Don't you EVER quit just cause some people were being jerks to you!! D: I really like your Yuna cosplay! ... There will always be mean people out there, and haters. I even get them myself! Haters gonna hate... But don't let them get to you... for every 1 meanie you get there will always be 10 more people out there that will love your cosplay and back you up. Like us!~ Besides, most jerks say mean stuff either because they are jealous, or hurting inside.... or, they just are naturally plain old jerks that have a vocabulary smaller than a 3 year old child because they cannot even learn how to say nice things. Sad huh? Aren't you glad your mother taught you how to speak proper english, and you studied it in school? So yeah... don't let them get to you.... Because that is exactly what they want. Keep on cosplaying to show that you have thicker skin than them.

Ohh! that'd be epic if you made that wedding dress! I'm dying to make it too, and that pic is not helping my temptation lol. XD You can use invisible straps for the dress!~ I use them a lot for my cosplays, as I don't trust strapless dresses myself. XD

@LiquidArea: Amen!
Due to health, I cannot work on cosplays like I was able to in the past. :'( Or attend cons with ease. Few cosplays that I am working on (when body allows) are:
Vampire Hunter D - D (Amano ver.) 5%
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Zelda 15%
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