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EOS Fay Grey + Venus Eye Red

Repost from my DA account. In case you missed previous reviews + pics, all my reviews are chilling here in the Contact Lens Review folder.

Personal ratings: EOS Fay Grey
- Color: A+ Deceptively bold coloring but not too “crazy”
- Comfort: A+ Very comfortable, not drying or irritating
- Overall: A+

I usually have good luck with EOS lenses, though the opaque models tend to be kind of drying e.g. Dolly Eye lenses. These did not bother my eyes at all and as I mentioned before, the color is deceptively bold. I saw the stock images for these and thought they would be perfect but when my set of Fay lenses arrived [I splurged and got Green, Grey, Violet, and Blue], they looked about as “opaque” as GEO lenses. For whatever reason, GEO’s have always been fail for me, the pigmentation just isn’t vibrant enough to show or ends up looking muddy as my eyes are practically black. In fact, the Fay patterning looks somewhat like the Nudy lens pattern. However, I was very pleased with how opaque the grey was without looking as plain or cartoony as EOS Dolly Eye Grey lenses. They get a thumbs up for me. Here’s hoping the rest of the series shows just as well.

Personal ratings: Venus Eye Red [MI E-Type Red]
- Color: B/+ Noticeable but wtf, they look slightly orangey on my eyes, it doesn’t show much in pics, thankfully.
- Comfort: A+ very comfortable, not drying or irritating, another win here.
- Overall: A-

I cannot give you an idea how the color will present over different eye colors but overall, I like these well enough. Heck, they were on sale so I don’t mind. I do like that the pattern is not as plain as a block of red color w/or without a black limbal ring. The pattern nicely breaks up the color but doesn’t make it a mess. I wouldn’t recommend these if you want an enlarging effect.

The thick limbal ring and 14mm diameter make the iris look normal sized if not a smidge smaller, so keep that in mind. Also the pupil hole is pretty large on this lens so it probably would not be the best choice for light-eyed people in need of red lenses, your natural color will show through and be pretty noticeable with these.

Overall, both lenses were what I would call a “win”. I wasn’t woefully disappointed with either lens. They show up on my dark eyes which is always the main point.

P.S. I don’t mind if people use my lens charts elsewhere for reference, but please leave a comment stating that you are doing so and a link back w/ credit would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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