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@SuperBee: Wow, I can't wait to see your take on Yuna's wedding outfit! I thought your Dark Mage was just beautiful! And the Nirvana is a tricky staff to take on, and it looked great!

I'm excited about next year (possibly joining on the FFVIII theme, thanks guys!) but not ready to cement my plans yet... 5 year olds change their minds, and they also grow a mile a minute, so I'll likely wait until Jan to know for sure what I'm making for her. At the moment she's completely smitten with HylianKnight's Zidane from the Sunday photoshoot. She's going around the house making me pretend to be a photographer who asks for her picture, and then she does a cool Zidane fighting pose. So we'll see!

On that note, is anyone interested in gathering a giant FFIV group? Just throwing ideas around. I'm also still intrigued by the idea of making Gau from FFVI.

One thing next year is I'm DEFINITELY going in the masquerade again. This year I opted out to explore the con, and I regret it like crazy. I missed going on stage so much! ;_;

Does anyone feel hopeful they'll announce FFXV next week at E3? I'm kind of hoping for some new chars!
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