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haa, funny story about one of my cosplays (Mayoi [bakemonogatari]) actually.

a friend of mine made the skirt (and MAYBE the backpack. i actually have no clue at this point) but had to hand it to me at AN. He forgot it at home though (along with a lot of other stuff he needed to give ppl. touche) and ran back to downtown toronto on saturday to get everything from his house.
then he had to go to the ER because of bowel problems sometime during his travels .__. we didnt know that until one of us checked facebook because he had left his cellphone back at the hotel (apparently one of his friends gave him a cheese bagel on saturday for breakfast.. the poor kid is lactose-intolerant).

anywho, yeah since the mayoi cosplay didnt debut at AN2012 (and since the hair accessories havnet been done either) that's ONE of my many cosplays for next AN :P or for apop. not sure yet.
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