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@Ayaasan: I saw your USO girl outfit. It's beautiful~ A friend in my group wants to do that as well as the Ironettes next year. Thankfully we can all sew~ of course some of us are better than others. I myself am fairly new at sewing but I'm learning. D: I've been fairly lucky in the sense that my group is pretty willing to work together even if we're small.

Edit: I saw your updated WW on the front page, lovely~ Gonna do Lady Loki or movie Loki or comic Loki? o:

@Link: Yes, That sounds familiar. At least try it's much better than just claiming you can't do anything before you even try. There's always something even if you can't sew~ There are other parts of cosplay.

I know I haven't yet perfected sewing most of my expertise goes to painting or prop making. xD I have another friend who's good at wig styling and then another with shoes. So we all kind of contribute in different ways. Though a lot of our stuff is simple and I still want to get a superhero type cosplay going. I'd like to steer away from anime/ manga a little bit.
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