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@Ayaasan: Your Wondie is looking amazing! You fit her well! I can't wait to see you start working on female Loki! xD I keep telling my nephew that I love Loki and he gets upset because Loki is a "bad person!" He's a big Iron Man fan and he also loves the Hulk! Well he likes all of the Avengers x3

@Tulipe: I know, I'm not good at sewing since I'm barely starting but I look up tutorials and stuff to help me out with sewing. They really do help out a lot even if I can't do it exactly the same way. Most people say that I'm more better in making props and stuff. But I still feel like I need a whole lot of more practice. :/ And I'm doing everything by myself since no one but my momsie knows how to sew and she is always busy and tired so I don't really like to bother her for help.

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