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@ayaasan: It's awesome! The skirt, did you do it piece by piece and put it together or some other method? It seems like it would be the most difficult part of the whole thing.
I haven't really thought of any particular age mostly because my brain goes "I want to cosplay that" then I look at all the outfits, get sad, and forget that I was looking at something. xD

@Link: That's always the first step. My friend she just makes things on the fly and somehow they come out looking nice, it's crazy and makes me jealous. But I feel better with the fact that she can't paint so I get to do the details and things like that. Youtube tutorials I find are the easiest. But sometimes things just happen. One time I just picked up some fabric and made a skirt. xD Because I could.

I used to have like, sewing parties, but those started to get dull when only one of us had a sewing machine. So days before conventions or photoshoots we'd all get together and work on things. Some styling wigs, finishing touches on things, making props, etc. I love having cosplay making parties. 8D Even if we're not all doing the same cosplay, because we can all include our own ideas and knowledge.

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