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And like I said in the old thread, I'll be cosplaying BLU Scout.

Valve Gathering Info
DAY: Saturday, June 16th
TIME: 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Fountain

karanawolfy - RED Fem!Medic from TF2
Yensid - BLU Scout from TF2
Hanagumori(maybe) - BLU Fem!Spy from TF2
Getheyon - Ellis or Nick from L4D2
Scarlet3 - Engineer from TF2
Scarlet3(+1; maybe) - RED Fem!Soldier from TF2
Scarlet3(+1; maybe) - RED Heavy from TF2
goomzz - RED Fem!Heavy from TF2
goomzz(+1) - RED Medic from TF2
versatilescarf - Ellis from L4D2
versatilescarf(+1) - Nick from L4D2
Portal Jumper - Fem!Nick from L4D2
Portal Jumper(+1) - Ellis from L4D2
stitchez(maybe) - Ellis from L4D2
ALA 2016 as Frisk, BB-8, and Wayward Vagabond
WonderCon 2016 (maybe)

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