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This was my first AZ and I will probably not come again.


1) Artist Alley was in a horrible place. There was no room between the booth and wall that it before very frustrating to have to push yourself against someone or the wall to just get by.

2) Don't tell male cosplayers to keep their shirt on when female cosplayers are wearing Lingerie. It's Hypocritical and Sexist. You rather see a half naked woman but not a man. Idiots.

3) Pre-Reg Line!!!! This I could write a novel of complaints. What the hell is the point of Pre-Reg if the people in the regular line are done an hour before you. I waited in line for almost two hours on Thursday to be stopped at the door because my last name was the wrong letter. What were they thinking???? This had to be one of the worst executed registration I have ever seen in my 10 years of cons. Don't make me wait in 80 degree weather for hours to just tell me that I have to wait longer because "W" was ahead of "G." I could vent more but I think I would actually start cursing out some people so you get the gist.

4) The convention center was just too small for all those people.


1) Lots of great food in the area. I was happy to see that there were a lot of affordable places to eat.

2) Great cosplayers. I always like seeing a great group of cosplayers get together. Well done to everyone.

3) Good Places for Photography - I'm a photographer so I was happy with the areas that I could take pics.


Sorry, but I don't think I will go again.
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