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Originally Posted by Lilith_Angel View Post
1) Artist Alley was in a horrible place. There was no room between the booth and wall that it before very frustrating to have to push yourself against someone or the wall to just get by.
Yeah, they set Artist Alley up differently this year. A big part of the problem was the door to the photo studio. This drove me up the wall because it was, after a fashion, my door, and I felt bad it was being such an annoyance. We needed somebody from the building to physically remove a bolt and spacer from the top so it would open all the way, which I assume is possible anyway, but nobody ever came.

Originally Posted by Lilith_Angel View Post
4) The convention center was just too small for all those people.
Yeah it's funny because this is only what, their fourth year in the new convention center? I hope they're not outgrowing it* already...I rather like it! An overly-optimistic way to look at the higher ticket prices could be that they're gathering funds in advance of renting out more of the space next year, kind of like how gas prices reflect the NEXT load of gas a station buys, which is presumably/allegedly more expensive, not the current.

*In context, this means 'there's still plenty of convention center to rent, it's just too expensive', like that massive room next to the dealer room you can see from the photo studio. 'Outgrowing' the space means the con attendance is growing faster than their ability to expand in the center.
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