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Originally Posted by Kaijugal View Post

It's the awards given by the Stage Judges, (the ones that watch you on stage, and judge how your costume shows on stage: overall look, atmosphere, characterization, impression, how it preforms, etc), as opposed to the workmanship judges, (who look close up for things one might not see from stage view, and who discuss the techniques and process the contestants used and award them for good craftsmanship or innovative techniques. They also look at accuracy for media & historical recreations or reward creativity when regarding original designs..)

Stage Judges are sometimes called the "presentation judges" which is a misnomer as they are still judging a costume contest primarily not a singing and dancing talent show.

I hope this is helpful. Cheers!
Very. Surprised since once I was on stage I couldn't see a thing with the light in my eyes (not you guys, I just have bad eyesight and the astigmatism made everything look like giant novas ready to implode) so couldn't see the stage at all.... so I just stood in one spot and hobbled around. Pretty sure I did massive herp derping on stage. lol. :3
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