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I really don't know if anyone would actually be able to suggest anything for me. So instead, I'm posting for my nephew! He might be going to his first convention this year, and I want to give him the full experience~

As such, I kinda want something easy, but noticeable/popular. More from video games as he's more familiar with those, but anime works just as well.

Height: 5'10 - 6'
Build: Thin but well-toned (He's actually got that great lanky but muscular look for some cosplays)

Aside from his natural hair (which I think he might prefer,) we have wigs that are black, grey, white and silver that are all above the shoulder length. Complexity should be pretty simple and especially easy to move around in. Thanks!

(Also, this isn't the priority, but I also have plenty of pictures in my gallery for personal suggestions? Complexity can be more difficult and wigs aren't as much of an issue.)
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