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Originally Posted by HylianKnight View Post
Can't bring anything big next year, will be traveling a lot~ Though I want to bring a little love to Crystal Chronicles, and all it's quirks. XD I'll be cosplaying a Clavat, and my friend will be a Selkie (she was the other Kuja this year~ ) Not sure which days yet, but count us in!
Crystal Chronicles~!!!! *finally got to reading up on the other FFs (aka like Crystal Chronicles and Tactics)* You'd make a great Clavat

Originally Posted by killaflip View Post
Hey guys I was wondering if I could host the ffphotoshoot maybe on saturday or whatever is free. I might be cosplaying as gladiolus with a ffv13 group again if the game comes out by then (unlikely lol...still praying). Otherwise I will be berserker from fate zero. Can I still host it even though I'm wearing another costume? Gotta warn u guys though I'm quite sketchy and slightly unconventional for photo/vid poses.
*instantly notices mention of Fate/Zero Berserker* You'd have a happy fangirl if you made that (as in I'm in love with Fate/) If you do host for Saturday you'll have me and Liliana helping out.

Originally Posted by Nefer View Post
Sounds good, and it doesn't matter what cosplay you'll be wearing ^^ As long as you don't mind co-hosts, because it probably was the best idea we had for the 2012 one, it helps a LOT in case someone can't come in time and more importantly with pose ideas. I know MDA wanted to help with the hosting saturday, and Liliana offered her help since her and I knows pretty much all FF (well some I never played and vice versa, but we know most of them including the older ones). So ya, if you don't mind having those two helping you out I can put you down as the saturday host ^_^ I may need your email etc later on (in 2013) to send to DireKitty when the photoshoots reserving starts, but otherwise it should be perfectly fine

...and now to update the list again xD ...and to resist making a CERTAIN character before we're 100% sure we can do it *looks at Liliana*
I love helping to host I do have a lot of pose ideas bouncing around in my head, not sure if I should mention them or not atm since they're still a bit rough - and most of them are for VI, VIII, and IX. God I can't stop loving IX x3 And yet I'm not cosplaying it next year... unless I make Beatrix or Ruby for the summer...
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