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Originally Posted by Attentea View Post
I found the panels to be really great this year. I did appreciate how the panel staff in the hallway were keeping everything very orderly, but at the same time that came back to bite me when I was denied a seat in a panel I really wanted to attend because I didn't realize there was already a line up for it. The panels definitely need bigger rooms. There were so many I wanted to go to but couldn't get it because I attended a different panel right before it and the line was already full for the next one.

Also, on the topics of panels, this one panelist, Michelle, who did both the Kingdom Hearts panel and the Legend of Zelda panel on saturday (dressed as link), she was AMAZING! I only wish I wrote down what her full name was (she mentioned it) because I'd love to find her on facebook talk to her more about KH and zelda stuff. If she's doing any panels next year I will be there.
wow thanks a bunch for the kind words about my panels. (this is Michelle) if you would like to talk find me on fb by searching michirure kage or Michelle Flannigan.
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