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Originally Posted by iXeres View Post
*reads the entire topic*

Alright! Nothing wrong with the Sheraton, then? I'll just pat myself on the back and be on my way, then.

I will make one complaint, though. On Saturday, I drove to the TCC and noticed that the handicapped parking spaces were chained off, and I was told I would have to park at the back. That is not legal, and had I been in a litigious mood, I could have had the TCC fined for breaking the Accessibility Act. The TCC staff member I spoke to didn't seem to care about the violation, and it was rather frustrating.
Sheraton is always a pretty good hotel.

As for the parking, there always was handicapped parking next to the ummmm... well the entrance for registration/dealers room etc last year. They also had a 'waiting zone' for people picking up/dropping off. What spot exactly was chained off?
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