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Originally Posted by DireKitty View Post
You still haven't managed to come up with anything useful to contribute.

"Photoshoot locations should be better" is a useless statement. Absolutely useless. Try actually contributing something to the discussion such as "I found a location here that should work better." - so people can actually discuss it. Or is that too much work for you?

Just a thought.
I think we should all carry giant green fabric rolls so we can easily edit out the background ; )
Or just lenses at 1.4 aperture to really blur out the background, but also frame that there's only grass/trees in the background!

It honestly is challenging to get group shots at AN, hence why I try to do individual shots instead. If you're going to do group shots, you need to prepare for it in whatever way you the photographer/cosplayer think necessary, don't expect other people to figure out your problems for you unfortunately.
Conventions? I do those. The moon. Still under consideration...
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