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This was my third AZ,
And I probably will not be back for a fourth.

Security- there was a lot this year. I did not experience any rudeness. Hoever I agree with the other posts dealing with security.
Most of the con goers I met were really nice and helpful. There will always be rude con goers but I was glad to meet all the friendly cosplayers!
I really enjoyed Spike Spencers panel, it was the best panel I went to. The 18+ panels were nice, but perhaps they should be held in bigger rooms? Many of us got denied because there weren't any more seats.
I liked how the pre-reg line was handled this year. It went quicker than last year. I don't think the pre reg attendees should wait that long to receive a badge. I hope the system will be better in the future. I also agree on moving artist alley. It's stuffy down there.
The water coolers were very enjoyable. That may sound weird but the water was soo yummy and cold.

There seemed to be less panels this year. Does anyone know why? Also, I heard a lot of panels didn't get approved. One of the panels I attended had a very rude host. He kept making rude and immature comments. Quite a few of us left.
The communication between security and staff was unorganized. Some of the security people looked like they were in a daze.

This is just a personal opinion/ observation, but some of the sellers in artist alley and the dealers room rubbed off to be a bit rude. What seller doesn't greet potential customers? I had this problem many times in the weekend while browsing.
I know in 2010 they had an announcer, I think he was really helpful and should return. Even though the sound system isn't that great, it helped with big events. I'm not sure the same thing happened this year.
I agree think guys should be able to be shirtless. It is not fair.
If girls can cosplay in overly sexy outfits and have both boob and butt cleavage, I expect to see sexy guys with abs.

Even though this is my hometown con, I won't be back until I hear about improvements. The 1 week pre-reg price also went up this year. I have no problem with that but the price is not worth some of the experiences.

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