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Originally Posted by MDA View Post
So I have some ideas for poses:

All FFs:
Heroes VS Villains (can be done for each individual game, or all the games combined like in 2011 Sunday)
Battle poses

VIII specifically:
The three sorceresses (Nefer, you shoulda figured this one was coming xD)
Adel and Rinoa
Seifer and Edea
Ultimecia VS Squall specifically
I love those pose ideas. I'd love to have Seifer and Squall face off in a pose as well. Like in the intro when they are fighting each other, causing each other to have their faces cut up :P

Of course, if we had Rinoa or a Tifa or even an Aerith, I could do a romantic hold or a couple pose as Cloud or Squall. Lol.

I can't wait to do some poses with you guys though and make new friends and of course have all the fan girls squeeing at my costume ^_~
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