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I also have reservations about A-Kon at the Anatole. I mean A-Kon DESPERATELY needs a bigger hotel and thank goodness it is moving to a larger location, but I've always heard the Anatole is a pretty swanky place and is probably not going to put up with the crap the Sheraton has put up with for years... People gripe about the Hyatt staff, I hear they're alot worse at the Anatole. But if they're only speaking the language of money and don't get in tizzy about people trashing the hotel then it will probably work out... That's all I'm worried about. I mean I DON'T want people to trash the hotel, but they WILL and it's possible for the hotel to not allow the convention back. A-Kon really doesn't have alot of choices...

As far as AFest moving to the Sheraton, it's still the people who run A-Fest and make it what it is, running this convention, it will NOT be run by the A-Kon people. A lot of the reasons people find AFest more enjoyable then A-Kon has to do more with the events (and lack thereof/lack of organization at A-Kon) and their management, which is generally alot better at AnimeFest. It's more of a fan convention with lots of opportunities for the fans to bring in their own panels and events, and as you know that's alot easier said then done at A-Kon. I think its a GREAT opportunity for Anime Fest to get the space is so desperately needs, and allow room for even more growth and fun things to offer like it already has.

Also the location to easier food access by foot and train doesn't hurt either. Walking all the way to the west end in your cosplay shoes is not a fun experience usually XD

TL;DR both A-Kon and Animefest desperately need bigger venues so all in all, moving them to new hotels is not a bad thing.
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