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This is not really about cosplay, but i was making a cosplay when this started...
Me: "I think this has to be a bit shorter"
Mom: "Oh no no no no. I think it's fine the length it is"
Dad: *looks over top of his newspaper* "Lacy, honey, did I ever read you the book about nuns?"
Me: "No....???"
Dad: "Well back in their day, they got lots of ass, you see, and it was because of those long skirts and tops that covered everything. EVERYTHING."
Me: "Uh dad, i dont think nuns 'got ass'...."
Mom: "Oh yes they did. My friend in highschool dressed like a nun. Thats how she became pregnant at 16"
Me: "Ohhhhkayyyy. Ya. Uhm. Whatever yall say. Like i said, this is going to be shorter"
Mom: *facepalm*
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