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Might as well. =) Okay well I was Momiji on Thursday during pre reg, then changed into Pinkie Pie later on that night and ran about in the artist alley for awhile. Early Friday I was Ciel Phantomhive and was accompanied by a Sebastian, Bard, Mei Rin, Finny, and Grell(though sometimes it was everyone minus Bard). Later that day I was dressed as Pinkie Pie again. On Saturday I was Death the Kid and had a Soul. Excalibur, Shinigami, Liz, and Patty with me. Later on that day I was just Death the Kid with Liz and Patty. Also on Saturday I cosplayed Rei and was with a Misato and Asuka. On sunday I was Momiji and then I changed into Death the Kid and was running around with a Liz and Patty and a Soul. Later we were also joined by a Maka.
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