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Got my request right here!

Friday: Looking for a Panty and Stocking complete with Garterbelt (he kept having people apologize for thinking they sounded racist by going "Wow, a black Garterbelt!") and feathered wings.

Saturday: Just Panty and Stocking with no Garterbelt that day. We were the ones that won Best Craftsmanship at the Friday Hall Cosplay Contest and were on stage during the masquerade halftime.

Sunday: A trio of original yokai designs. I was a Yuki-onna in a long white dress with a glittery kimono top and corseted obi in the front, a white and blue wig, and a pipe. One of my friends was a lolita kitsune in a red printed skirt and kimono top with a purple obi, white wig and tail, white thigh highs and shoes, and claws and pointed ears. The other friend was a tengu with black and red wings (well, wing and a half), a bloody staff, black kimono top, pants, and ninja boots, a floral print quilted gauntlet and red wig.
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