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I loved the Hyatt. I haven't ever had an issue with staff and they've been more than accommodating to me every time I've gone, even allowing me to extend my stay for several hours for a small fee. They have been very helpful with assisting me to my room and even have joked with my boyfriend. They valet has been hysterical to talk to and would even remember my face when I'd wander outside. They'd joke that I needed to turn around and go back inside or else I might get lost...apparently, my loving boyfriend told them I was horrible with directions and to guide me back inside if I wandered out. Oh, how I adore my boyfriend, lol. Anyways, we loved the Hyatt and their kindness and willingness to joke with us. I'm sad to see it move to the Sheraton...I'm not fond of the Sheraton hotel at all.

I hope the move is for the better, but I'm sad to see the Hyatt go.
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