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Originally Posted by eberwolf2k View Post
I'm older (31) than most of you so I don't have any parental issues (never really did they were very permissive) with cosplaying (even though I haven't officially done it yet) but my dear mom and one of my friends thought I was dressing as Johnny Cash when they saw my Tatsumi Saiga.
Doesn't have to be BAD stories, just amusing ones ^.^ I don't live with my mom but I still share all my cosplay adventures with her, haha.

Originally Posted by moonfall View Post
I had some guys in a hotel shuttle (I wasn't staying in the convention hotel) say I looked like a freak. I told them "So do you!" and walked off. Actually, "drunken douchebags" is probably a better description, and I think I'd rather be a freak.
I take being called a freak a compliment anymore It throws people off if you say "Why thank you!!"
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